Platform truck

Our platform truck will help you carry the heavy loads.

If you need a proper truck that can both carry heavy loads and transport these over longer distances, then we got the answer for you. Our platform truck will do the job efficiently and easily maneuverable. The truck is operating on battery and is the perfect way to help you transport heavy goods in a comfortable and not least ergonomic way that assures that the truckdriver will not suffer pain from the work. See much more about this product on our website.

Trans-Lift is your way to assure efficiency in your picking order system.

At our company Trans-Lift we assure that you get the best trucks for your needs. We can deliver everything from pickers, platform trucks and electric tractors to warehouse vehicles, and we can even make customized solutions for our clients. Our most important job is to make you satisfied with our product, and you can count on us on whatever you need in the form of transportation trucks.